Company Profile

With the advent of the information technology era and the growth of the Information Super Highway, the efficiency in hardware, networks and communications begin to be the important factor that leads to the extensively demanding of .

As a proven record of the professional team, the Netinfo Systems was founded in 1999 with the objective of service the needs of the business sector and to provide the best and appropriate services to each individual customer needs. Netinfo Systemís professional team provides and transfers state-of-art technology to offer the best solutions to the customers. Netinfo Systems offers a comprehensive range of the world leading product with the top performance a accommodate the customerís diversified demand. The company also offers the strategic spectrum of services, Web Site development, consulting, implementing, Systems Integration, Repairing, supporting and training by means of providing comprehensive support and services for whole system to our customers.

The company management team comprises of professional staffs that have the in-depth specialized experience and knowledge in I.T. society. Our main business can be classified into six major categories:- 1. Computer (Assembled/ Branded) 2. Laptopís (HP/DELL) 3. Servers (HP/IBM) and NAS 4.Networking (Structure Cabling to Wi-Fi Zone) 5. maintenance Contract 6. Security Systems and Data Recovery.

Netinfo Systems also provides commercial database management system, application development tools, networking operating system, system software /utilities and special purpose software in various industries.

As an authorized distributor of the well-known brand name for all major computer hardware and networking devices, the company is o reseller of major players in a marketplace ensuring the quality of all hardware devices. The company also offers the most comprehensive I.T. training both in-house and on-site training. Customer are able to choose preferred training from wide range of training from executive training , middle management , technical training to end-user training.